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This group is for everyone who loves traditional artwork. Let's share our beautiful drawings and paintings together! :)
Founded 6 Years ago
Sep 7, 2010


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Art Collection

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11,815 Members
10,040 Watchers
156,460 Pageviews
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PLEASE READ THE RULES OF :iconanything-traditional: BEFORE YOU SUBMIT!!!!

Either read here or read this - anything-traditional.deviantar…
1. You have to be a member to add art to the gallery.

2. The Featured folder is closed for members. We decide what art gets to go in there. :)

3. Speaking of folders: Choose the right folder for your art! If you don't, your submission will be declined. By fár the most submissions that are declined, are declined for that reason, so take care when submitting!

A pointer about something that seems to cause some confusion: Whenever you used more than 1 medium in your piece, it's automatically mixed media for this group. Even if you used, say, pencil ánd charcoal. The fact that the folder was set up for both pencil ánd charcoal works, doesn't mean a single work with both in there should go into that folder. Also, even if it's just a little bit of the other medium, such as the outlines, it still counts as Mixed Media!

4. No more than 1 deviation can be submitted per member per month.

5. No WIPs or sketches. We see quick doodles and rough sketches as "unacceptable". We do need to see what's going on in the sketch. Also please no work on lined paper or artworks with your math homework scribbled in the corner or shining through from the opposite side of the paper. All art submitted should be finished and neat.

6. All work must be 100% traditional.

The only digital editing we accept are:
:bulletblue: Slight adjustments in brightness/contrast
:bulletblue: A digital signature or watermark
:bulletblue: A simple (!) digital border
:bulletblue: Composite images (more images digitally worked into 1 piece) are ONLY acceptable for 3D works, like the pieces that go into the folder 'sculpture, jewelry, crafts'.

Examples of digital editing we don't allow (basically anything that's not any of the above, but hey, some examples for clarity never hurt ;) )
:bulletred: Digital coloring
:bulletred: The use of brushes and textures
:bulletred: Changes to backgrounds such as digital transparency
:bulletred: Digital text (the only folder who accepts that is the visual literature folder)

And no, mixing in some digital work with a traditional piece does nót make it 'mixed media'. ;)

7. We accept photography, as long as it's film and was processed by hand.

8. We also have a folder for 'written work', and you can take that title quite literally. In that folder we accept works that are handwritten, done on typewriters and calligraphy.

9. No images with very poor quality will be allowed. We are not an 'elite' group, but how are we supposed to admire your work when we can't even tell what it is? ;)

Things to look out for in terms of quality:
:bulletyellow: Cropping; if there's an edge sticking out here or there we won't penalize you for it, but please no hands/arms, feet, tools or large parts of your desk/floor in the frame. ;)
:bulletyellow: If your image is extremely dark or extremely bright so that it's hard to see your work, it might get declined. This is where the bit of editing such as brightness/contrast can come in handy. :)
:bulletyellow: Blur. We know it can be hard to take a good and clear shot of your work, but if it is extremely blurry it's really worth it to try again. You will get more views on your work for sure!

Gallery Info -
:bulletgreen: Feature - Closed to members.
:bulletgreen: Pencil or Charcoal - More than 1 medium, submit into Mixed Media.
:bulletgreen: Colored Pencil, Pastel, Colored Charcoal etc - More than 1 medium, submit into Mixed Media.
:bulletgreen: Pen,Ink or Markers - Again, if you've used more than one medium, submit into Mixed Media.
:bulletgreen: - Paintings - If you've got a submission with a mixture of different paints, or wet and dry watercolours, submit into Mixed Media. What will get accepted is pencil in them.
:bulletgreen: - Sculpture, Jewelry, and Crafts - Only 3D art works are allowed to have multiple pictures to show off all sides of the work.
:bulletgreen: - Written work. Handwritten, typewriter, calligraphy - Only work done my hand in traditional media, no digital text.
:bulletgreen: - Body Art - No drawings of parts of the body, only work done on skin.
:bulletgreen: - Other - For any traditional work that doesn't belong in any of the other folders.
:bulletgreen: - Tutorial - Traditional tutorials.
:bulletgreen: - Photograph - No pictures taken by phone or digital cameras.
:bulletgreen: - Visual literature - This is the only folder where digital text gets accepted. mixed media or not.
When in doubt, ask us! We're quite friendly and don't bite (hard). :D

Our Donators!

A BIG thank you to these donors below who have made our Super-status possible!!!

:iconillustica: :iconanholts: :iconbreesense: :iconnadja-mariina: :iconhenu-chan: :iconcoreydixon: :iconastridbruning: :iconbrittmartin: :iconileina: :iconrobdolbs: :iconaktasak: :iconkw-scott: :iconcloudmilk: :iconpocketcheese: :iconphotopathica: :iconambr0: :iconacjub: :iconduskeyes: :iconwildjellybeans: :iconlucky101212: :iconshandianlei: :iconrockinfroggi: :iconsterendenn: :iconmirelecorreareis: :iconfadwaangela:

We also wish to thank our anonymous donors. Good karma points are coming your way! :heart:
I know we are all getting kinda frustrated about things expiring, we are working hard on the problem so please resubmit  and please do have patience with us on this.

On a side note i'd like to try and introduce something new , i would like people to start putting into the description of your submitted work what materials you have used , whether its paint and pencil or just straight pencils colored or not

it'll just make it easier and faster to get your work into the proper folders. PLEASE watch what folder you are submitting to there have been a lot of people throwing things into the Body Art folder  and it should be put into Graphite or Paintings

Thank you for reading this
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ColorfulPebble Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
Hello! My artwork, was denied in the folder "pen, inks or marker II" and I don't know why? Thanks for your time 
naruto32 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Resubmit without the pens in the picture
ColorfulPebble Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Student Traditional Artist
What? Why not! I can't upload a new drawing just to take off the markers! They're not even pens, they're markers... What did I do wrong?
naruto32 Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
We don't want to see your tools with the image, we just want your art to show
(1 Reply)
BrittMartin Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Traditional Artist
Many thanks for accepting my work!
magicalmermaidcat Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for accepting my drawing!
theolivethief14 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2016  Student
hey there, my submission was declined, and i'm not mad, just curious as to why. did i put it in the wrong folder, or was the craftsmanship not quite up to par?
Xiaooyu Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
we are not biased between "skilled" and "beginner" artworks, the only thing we will decline in terms of quality are sketches/doodles.
Since you submitted a craft, it is likely that it was in the wrong folder. 
Please link us to your deviation and the folder you submitted to
theolivethief14 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016  Student
it's not a craft lol, i just meant "was it not finished/polished enough" and you've answered my question so we're good :) thank you for letting me know
lifelovelara Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for accepting me in the group :) 
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